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Bulk Water Delivery Service

UC Water Inc

Providing bulk water delivery to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.


A Bit About Us

Here at UC Water our goal is to provide a fast and reliable delivery service.

With a fleet of five trucks we are able to offer many different types of services.

UC Water started out in Keswick Ontario as Watman Water,  servicing Keswick, Newmarket, Georgina, and surrounding areas.

In July 2016 Watman Water became UC Water inc. and moved to Toronto Ontaro allowing us to expand our fleet of two trucks to five trucks, allowing us to open up our delivery areas to Toronto and the GTA.


Areas of service

Specializing in


Our trucks come equippped with rear spraying nozzles that create a rain effect.
The added benefit of this keeps the mud to a minimum while keeping the dust down

Agricultural watering

Our trucks come equipped with many different types of watering options to meet all of our customers needs.

On-site bulk water delivery

Over the years we have provided on-site bulk water delivery to a wide variety of companies, tanks, and equipment.

We offer daily scheduled deliveries, weekly deliveries or monthly deliveries.


Other services offered

UC Water offers many other types of bulk water delivery services such as:



Providing clean water for pool fills and top ups. Depending on your location the water will be provided by one of the designated bulk water stations located throughout the GTA.

Special events

UC Water has supplied bulk water to many types of special events.

- Tent rentals

- Dunk tanks

- Inflatable event pools

- Road wet downs


Pools 416-333-7817

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